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Why furniture Medros?

In the market of metal furniture we are more than a quarter of a century

In Poland, we the leader, now gradually raise the world

Hundreds of companies and institutions already have our furniture

Standard models usually are available in our stock, non-standard - up to 7 days

We meet them in the offices, schools, workshops, shops or warehouses – metal furniture – because they are talking about, they organize our lives, and we often remain insensitive to their modest, unobtrusive design.?






Iron furniture MEDROS are different than all the others – have own distinctive style are functional and durable. See why you should choose them:






  • our furniture is acquired once in many years, because they are extremely durable
  • high quality furniture MEDROS is visible to the naked eye, both in the materials used and the method of execution,
  • advantage of our offer, you high quality furniture straight from the manufacturer at a very good price
  • all details are made with very high accuracy by using art equipment
  • we offer a wide range of standard metal furniture, as well as implement untypical orders on the basis of individual projects
  • produce furniture with dimensions and design matched to individual customer needs
  • we made sure that our furniture were absolutely safe during use
  • metal furniture MEDROS distinguished by style, functionality and durability.



The quality of the





The formal expression of commitment MEDROS is Quality Policy, specifies the direction of markets and production. Quality Policy at MEDROS is more than a document that hung on the wall. This is the Code, according to which we are trying to work. The implementation of the principles involved are all our staff, who know that the key objective of our company is upgrading skills and learn new skills.


In our company, quality is visible not only in products but also in the approach to the customer, because ultimately he decides about our "to be or not to be". We attach great importance to professional customer service, which convinced everyone who has already benefited from our services. The conversation with the customer, it's part of our job, because only through it we have a chance to recognize the real needs of the customer. We're open to any ideas and suggestions Customer while we try to advise you as best as we can.

The quality policy of our company can be summarized in a few words as striving to increase the satisfaction of our customers by improving the quality of products.










Find out how we produce in MEDROS:







  • Materials and mechanisms

This, of which are made of metal furniture, decide on their durability, which is why we keep particular care in the selection of materials and components. We are constantly looking for new, better and control the existing suppliers, because we want to raw materials on which we work fully meet our expectations of quality.

  • Precision punching and bending

Modern technology park enables us to punching accuracy of 0.01 mm and bending to the nearest 0.1 mm. Such precision punching and bending sheet metal is crucial for aesthetic and dimensional elements performed. Using the latest digital machines, we are able to execute every detail with surprising accuracy.

  • Quality combine elements

At the stage of combining multiple individual items in a particular piece of furniture, we operate precisely. In our company, there is no room for error. All parts must be perfectly matched. Tolerance deviations from the overall dimensions of the furniture is up to 1 mm.

  • Powder coating

Thanks to our furniture painting proszkowemu gain smooth, even surfaces and color and aesthetics. This method of staining is another advantage – protected against corrosion. We care about the very high quality bath furniture preparing powder coating.

  • Hygienic

All the furniture have Hygienic.


Our furniture have Their own unique style Resulting from the application of selected design and construction. They are distinguished by compact construction and design, Which at first glance gives the impression of solidity and durability.


The use of specific technical solutions in furniture design provides functionality and ease of use for many years.


Metal furniture of nature have a longer life than the furniture of other materials. The conditions of use inside the building (office, school, warehouse) durability of metal furniture is several decades.

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